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All we have lost!


Our life is filled with many paths and crossroads. We meet people and animals on our journey. And a few help make our life complete. Our children, grandchildren, friends and family, whether in human form or with four legs, feathers or fins, are Gods reward.
God rewarded me with a human daughter, three grandchildren, feathered and four legged children. One special Angel was my companion for the past 11 years. She showed me flowers, frogs and Gods wonders. My special friends name was Shadow. I wrote 'Brown Eyes' and 'Puppy Love' for my dear friend. Yes, my readers, Shadow is with God now and I miss her. PLEASE! PLEASE! Hug your special Friends today.  Tomorrow may be too late.
We love you all! God Bless ALL of you and thank you for reading my work.
Holly McCain


Shadow & Friend

Sad News

ALL royalities from my Puppy Poetry books do go to Animal Cancer!
Please buy NOW!
Books can be purchased through all links.
My books..Shadow..and you the reader WILL take a bite out of cancer!!
Thank you & God Bless!

My Faithful Readers,
I have sad news. Shadow has joined her boyfriend, Bear.
I know how much all of you have grown to love her, but God
has special work for her.
May I ask all of you to pray for her loved ones.
Thank you
God Bless All of YOU!

To: Serendity, Smokey and Sabrina WE MISS YOU!
Peering Cat

The best Pal, in a CAT, that a PUP could have!! They loved each other! Anyone that has read 'Brown Eyes,' knows, this is one COOL cat!!


She was MUCH older then Shadow. Shadow tried to get her to run with her. She was name Lucky, and Lucky she was!

We miss you Girl!


We have lost a special member of our family. His name is Bear.
Bear was not only Shadow's boyfriend, but our friend. He will be
Bear has played a special part in BOTH 'Brown Eyes,' and
'Puppy Love.'
His love for Shadow will always be in our heart and souls!!
Please say a prayer for his Mom and Dad, Betty and John.
We will miss him so much!


Virgil  H. McCoy
7/13/1927 - 8/9/2008
Shadow's Loyal Pal!

We meet many people and fur friends in our days here.

There are some that touch He not ONLY our lives but our hearts,

but our everlasting memory too!

Virgil was one of them.

He loved Shadow and Shadow loved him!

The Puppy and her Pal played chase around our tree.

She watched for him to come over, picked up a twig,

and ran for him to chase her.

He knew she was abused, and took care petting her

and introducing himself to her.

Virgil, we love and miss you!

Love, Holly, Shadow, Sadie, Shirley, Beth, Kylee, Cole, Emma and Larry.

Shadow considers you the BEST!!

WE love you, McCoy!

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