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I want to introduce you to my Pride and Joy,
my daughter, Elizabeth, or Beth as I call her.
She is my  inspiration. I almost lost her to
bleeding ulcers at age 4 months.
I named her Beth, in dedication of my Dear,
and Sweet Mom, Betty.
Beth reminds of Mom. She stands up to what she
believes. She's a fighter. 
Beth, you keep me wanting to keep on challenging
the world. You keep on doing the same.
Her and her husband, Larry, have given three
beautiful Grandchildren, Kylee, Cole and Emma.
Larry is one the hardest workers and most dedicated
son's I've ever met! He, like Beth, are always there for
their parents. They deserve kudos x 10!
Mom loves you!
I want to tell you about my dear friend, Shirley. Shirley keeps inspiring and encouraging me to keep on writing and not to give up. Shirley supports everything I do. She is a GREAT Best Friend!
Betty and John Kordic are two sweet friends of ours. We met them while taking a walk with Shadow. Their 'Son,' Bear, was Shadow's boyfriend. Betty and John also support my writing. They have gone as far as going to several stores, in the winter, to find news stories about me. They are GREAT!
Annette is one of my childhood friends. She is a teacher, leader, and one of my dearest and most respected friends. She's also a steady supporter of my work!
Cheryl, my oldest and dearest friend. We're been pals since we were like 4. She's the rock! She is retired from the Army. She's picked me up many times in our lifetime!
Thank you my dear friends and family for inspiring and supporting me in my writing. God Bless



I have three VERY active and talented Grandchildren. They keep me going. Their spirit and fight, tells all that they are going to get what they want in life!

May I introduce you to the first, Kylee Beth. Kylee was born January 24, 2002. She is an artist. She loves to draw and anytime some is sick, love a loved one or just to make someone smile, Kylee will draw from the heart! Kylee invited me to her school to read to her class. I not only read, but Kylee read a special page to her classmates. Way to go Kylee! Grams is proud of you!

Next, is my Grandson, Cole Lucas.  He was born December 31, 2005. I call him Taz, from my favorite cartoon series, Tweety Bird. When Cole wants, Cole DOESN'T stop in defense to get what he wants, this can be a rewarding trait when he gets older. He loves trains and will conduct any track in your home!

Last, but not least, born on April 14, 2007, is Grams future dancing star, Emma Rose. Emma loves to dance, and the girl has the moves!! She has rythm! Watch out 'Dancing with the Stars,' this girl is a future star! Edit Text


Nieces & Nephews
I was bless with finally meeting my
two nieces and two nephews.
Faith the oldest, has become a
beutiful young woman. Her cousin,
Beth, Faith and I finally skipped to the
yellow brick road together.
Tabitha, my eldest brothers youngest
is a vibrant, young woman. She loves
seeing us and hates when visits end.
Her husband, John is nice young man.
He seems to have fit in well in our small
Jacob my young nephew is a card! He
calls me Aunt Puppy Book. He loves
his Mom, Tabbie reading my books to
him! What a cute follower.


I love my pals!
On this page I'll describe
them and their special
place in my life.


We adopted Shadow from the trunk
of a car at a local flee market.
The day was, February 21, 1998.
She was the runt and one
of the few females.
She loved to play soccer, and
do tricks. She could almost
always pick the hand a
treat is in. She also liked
to play fetch and
show you her tummy..
Shadow's was with us for 11 years!
She gave us so much pleasure!
A dog to some, a best friend to me.
I don't know how many times I've thanked God
for this Angel!
Heaven does have an Angel now!


We adopted Sadie from Petsmart.
She was such a joy to watch! She looked
like a 'Sadie' from the start.We named her Sadie.
 then found out she was born on February 29th.
Sadies favorite things are: fetch,
with a tennis ball, playing with husky
stuffed animals and being with Shadow.
She loves to get up in your lab.


Sassie is sassy! We adopted our little friend in September
of 2009. She has given us much joy,

Sassie's favorites are: People, people, people!
She would love you too if she met you.


Gargusz Hall
1969 N. Ridge Rd.
Lorain, OH 44055
Craft show benefit for Friendship APL
Toni Morrison Elementary School
1830 W. 40th Street
Lorain, OH 44053
Thank you Mrs. Post & Children
Kylee read her poem!!

Amherst Outdoor Author Fest 2009
Where: Roxy's Reads
Address: 132 Park Avenue
Amherst, OH 44001
Date: Saturday, July 18, 2009
Time: 12pm - 4pm
Thank you, Debbie, The Chronicle, Annie, and fellow authors.

6th Annual Fine Arts & Authors Festival
WHERE: 13824 West River Road, N.
            Columbia Station, OH 44028
WHEN: Saturday, June 20, 2009
TIME: 10am - 4pm
God Bless!

Schools 2008/09
- Tony Morrison, Lorain
- St. Jude, Elyria
- Westerly Elementary, Bay Village
YOUR SCHOOL 2009/2010?


'Autographed books make great gifts'
Date: October 24, 2009
Where: Fostoria High School
Address: 1001 Park Ave
Fostoria, OH 44830
Time: 10am - 4pm